Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Analect 2.697x

14 April 2010. Late, late. Bucket bath in back yard--water over head and shoulders in open air... A la Russe (except that the water's not freezing, and it's not mid-winter...)

Smuglianka-Moldavanka. How much better the words look in cyrillic--where the "smug" disappears entirely. A partisan song, as sung here in Soviet film of a certain vintage (1972--Leonid Bukov: "V Boj Idut Odni Stariki.") Man and woman at unseen table, Red Army, musicians (balaika, accordions, a drum and guitar) launching in, spirited director in cossack shirt, expressive gestures (again a la Russe). She turns her head towards him--face in full profile for a moment, then back and slightly down--a touching mix of formality and modesty...

Entire spirit of song as counterpoint...

* * *

As R.B. Kitaj once put it, "Art needs a job to do..."

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