Monday, April 26, 2010

Analect 2.705x

26 April 2010. Early, April light. Nicola heading up bed, step by step, curling into her preferred position, high on my chest.

And, of course, Vasya-Shmaravoz. Na Deribasovskoj Otkrylasya Pivnaya (On Deribasovskoj There Opened Up a Bar), a song from the late 1920s. Author unknown--and there are many variants. The one here, recorded with appropriately louche Soviet-era backup band, each instrument sliding in almost unannounced, adding a subtle but necessary touch of the declassé. Which was, after all, the whole point...

Also: an Odessa "anekdot"... (The great cities announce their radio broadcasts...)

Attention! Moscow speaking!
Warning! Here speaks Kiev! (in Ukrainian)
Achtung! Hier sprecht Berlin!
Sha! Odessa needs to say a few words...

* * *

In the original:

Внимание! Говорит Москва!
Увага! Говорэ Кыив!
Ахтунг! Хир шприхт Берлин!….
Ша! Одесса имеет сказать пару слов!

And, naturally, the song itself: To the tune of El Choclo, an Argentine tango...

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