Sunday, January 06, 2008

Analect 2.210x

4 January 2008. Sheets of rain on soaking streets. Chunky woman in heavy dark coat, whisp of blond hair flying, scurries from door of 7-eleven to late-model car. Red brake lights against sea of iridescent gray.

Lluvia sobre el Mar. Yesterday's painting--small square of carboard. A summation? The most indistinct, perhaps--rivulets of surface, falling, warmer and cooler, to an inadvertent horizon, lost, really, against distant sky. A single tree, well to the left, branching above, also disappearing into air.

It's the size and quality of detail that creates a sense space--even on its own.

Looking out the window, in Oceanside, Alberta Street, maybe 1960. Far, straight horizon again. Implacable. A freighter (Marine transport?) well in the distance--charcoal-toned smudge--heading north. Along the coast...

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