Friday, February 08, 2008

Analect 2.228x

8 February 2008. Foggy morning, winding through back streets to Happy Cleaners, double yellow apparitions in the mist--an oncoming car. Oncoming car, fleetingly, in the mist, as in posted video on life of Jorge Cafrune--a set of stills, in black and white...manhood, boyhood, youth. Strong face with mop of hair and wide beard, dark heavy-browed eyes, like some kind of landlocked pirate of the interior. Jujuy--far to the northwest: Francisco de Argañaraz y Murguía, who erects a small settlement in 1593, fighting the Calchaquíes and Omaguacas for what is of course their own land. Later, all becomes song: "En las sendas de Tapí...."

Wan's face, ni hao ma, smiling. I wish her a good new year--gung hay fat choi--as she reaches just below the counter, brings out an orange, offers it to me with both hands. A time of gifts, blessings, good wishes. As the night before, The Great China-- up dingy stairs and backroom paraphernalia, smiling, to a brightly lit upstairs room, filling again with smiling faces. Platters arrive, the table is suddenly overflowing. Hueying, smiling, holding a narrow bottle of China wine, smiling, pouring, in delight...

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