Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Analect 2.259x

15 April 2008. Chinese elm in full bloom, heavy fronds in rustling breeze. Chill sun, spring. Yesterday, late afternoon, winds off the bay, raking ripples across Hearst pool. Arcs of water in a single plane. Evening: three stones, weighted and drawn, strokes like water, like time, spilling onto paper. Anthony: dash of words, lonely piano, grand. Nathaniel: beautiful clumsy pinks, a girl's face, blurred in water--in time. Sabina: moaning sound of barge horn, all distance. Then: a man, whistling, an older woman, telling a story. "Pebbles and flowers..."

Zamba de mi esperanza
amnecida como un querer
sueño, sueño del alma
que a veces muere sin florecer

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