Thursday, July 24, 2008

Analect 2.317x

24 July 2008. Sun over misty hills, dawn. Four crows working the street, pairs again, friends... Two boys in track clothes, early, crossing in front: ancestors from Ireland, Senegal...heads thrown back, laughing... In the evening--doves.

La quebrada. The broken places--vally of Humahuaca, the ancient route from east to west, from Inca times, over the cordillera, vertebrae of a continent, the road to Potosí. Stone houses made of mountain, mountain made of stone, arch and searing. A Spanish church--a haven within--dimpled walls, tiled roof, blue domes of the Moors... Córdoba, or Damascus--here reaching for a heaven of their own, the arid parched distant cobalt skies of Jujuy...

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