Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Analect 2.348x

16 September 2008. Gray, simply gray.

The hodge-podge of hedge funds. Bonds. Narrow poll shows financial analysts ahead by a head, as they come 'round the curve on Hanover--Nassau, Pearl, Moore--all the alleyways that add up. Let's examine in terms of chiaroscuro--the deepest tones following always, later in the afternoon...

Sun behind mountains--the concerns of the highland people. Because they hear the echos of their own voices. Moon rising in the east, then gliding over the highest peaks, "a su muerte," so goes the myth. And what else a vanishing...?

La luna alumbraba el canto,
el grillo junto al camino,
y yo con sombra en el alma
pensaba en la ausencia del bien perdido...

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