Thursday, September 10, 2009

Analect 2.570x

10 September 2009. Foggy streets at dawn, swimmers in the mist, sun pushing through to blue-gold.

Some days like this, as when bevy of high school kids crowd into the Eritrean 7-eleven on Stockton. Get-ups and gear--flowing curly black hair over dark-gray top, hugging one girl's narrow shoulders. Sparkly something-or-others on the straps of her shoes.

Two lonely bottles on the dark-green top of recylcling can. Wrap-around label in transparent blue--a washier version of the sky, now that it's cleared--and a puffy orange lid. The civilization that can produce such--a focus of commercial energies...

Tejon Ranch, high in the Tehachapi's, soon to become Tejon Village. Luxury homes and a pool--the beautiful barren hills...

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