Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Analect 2.628x

30 December 2009. Pale light, winter morning. Rain on studio roof last night--skylight sounds.

The local view. Oystershell clouds raking in from the west, on a low slant over sempiternal 7-eleven roof. Just now: young woman in brown leopardskin slippers with darker brown bows sits down alongside at the middle PC. The middle PC--a political tract of some kind. Goes with her half-finger gloves--the black over-the-wrist variety, reaching up to brush aside sleepy brown hair.

Li Ching at work just behind--wheel-bag, several pockets unzipped, his mild green nylon jacket (with unexpected Harley-Davidson emblems front and back) draped over handle.

Reaching for thumbdrive, her keys in hand, red heels...

Ending Poverty in America...

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