Friday, May 21, 2010

Analect 2.721x

21 May 2010. Nicola, curled on white comforter, tucked against my side...

A Moscow street, older buildings, steep green roofs with dark windows, tan parapets, and an omnivorous construction crane in the distance, on the right, against snatch of pale blue sky. Two women--from two different eras. Isabella Yurieva and a much younger friend, who reaches out with her right hand to pick lightly at something on Isabella's dress, then, with the same hand, smoothing her sleeve. She soon leans forward to kiss Isabella's cheek, now touching her other arm now with her left hand... They part...

Tol'ko Raz, Only Once, recorded before the war.

Day and night a heart radiates tenderness
Day and night the head is whirling
Day and night like an agitated fairy tale
Your words resound to me
Only once in a lifetime a meeting
Only once fate tears a thread
Only once on a cold winter evening
Do I so much wish to love...

* * *

Tol'ko Raz, as recorded by Isabella Yurievna

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