Friday, August 06, 2010

Analect 2.760x

6 August 2010. Tolstoy and the Tolstoyans, after a painting by Nikolai Ge, Lev Nikolaevich's great friend. That's the figure on your left--the young woman with strangely long face and close-set eyes--or is it simply Ge's handling--a subtle shifting of tones, the blurred ears (quite large, in fact) and the way he revels in the full weight of the darks... (Renoir--"Black is the queen of colors...")

Like the beautiful woman at El Cerrito pool, whose matronly form belies a girlhood of impossible grace. The deep tones in the colors of her skin--Anatolia moving east, Cochin perhaps... She's back the next day, peering up out of the green water at pool's edge, and my curiosity wins out. "May I ask where you're from?" "Lebanon," she answers, smiling...

"You're very distinctive..."

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