Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Analect 2.160x

28 August 2007. Argiope in the shadows, morning sun, spray of water across gray enamel hood, opening... La foule de pèlerins: Mark last night, to the entire gathering: what would be your question... A challenge--not in competition, but as a kind of vast encouragement. What would you engage--today--can it be done together? Roomful of faces, quizzical, tired, eager, intent, one woman staring vaguely down into the screen of her laptop, a red-haired fellow way in back raising his eyes to the ceiling, girl with dark dark hair, beautiful and patient--sits waiting. A compact blond: "It should be provocative..." We listen for ripples of response. Maybe. Lists of books, tenacity of the mind, winding intertwining paths of thought, the temptations of control. But no, there's no plan, we're flying blind, as usual, soaring, even, the horizon way down there below, a few clouds, otherwise clear...

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