Friday, November 16, 2007

Analect 2.188x

17 November 2007. Slabs of gray, with yellowish underglow--maybe a touch of blue--or is it the tint of the window? Monsanto, House of the Future...

Gold-gray Pathfinder pulling in, Lela and Deepak. Her red and gold leopard floral pattern dress, red cotton blouse, black tights and sandals from Nepal. A girl, a mom, an ancient being. Hair pulled back in taut clump, cotidienne casual... Deepak in his customary black--vest, t-shirt, cargo pants, stubby black hair trimmed to the strong and compact shape of his scull. Sauntering across street on an unplanned diagonal, nibbling on a half-peeled banana. Tough-guy retinue--but for whom?

Last night: Anu visits. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Large eyes in a dark dark face. Precise plans, inner animation. At one point I ask the class what it must be like today to raise a child--living amidst this avalanche of untoward influence. "Anu, you're a mom, what would you say?" Thinking for a moment, then, slowly, "To have a child is a great great pleasure..."

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