Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Analect 2.738x

22 June 2010. Shaded spot on parking lot, looking out on summer street, rumble of truck.

Stone stairway, 1968--Uniwersytet Warszawski--Polish eagle over baroque gate--every turn and filigree wrought in relief--flower interspersed with curve. An older woman, her straw broom with twisty wooden handle--a rustic touch in time of total employment, bending low over worn marble steps. Summer, no one about...

Or a shrine, tucked beneath stone, Berestechko. Candles, visitors from today...

The Babel' story--collision of grim detail, almost impossible to read, his voice notwithstanding.

A letter, faded and torn, found in a corner, on the floor--" 'Paul, mon bien aime, on dit que l'empereur Napoleon est mort, est-ce vrai? Moi, je me sens bien, les couches ont ete faciles, notre petit heros acheve sept semaines...' (Berestechko, 1820)..."

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