Friday, July 09, 2010

Analect 2.747x

9 July 2010. Gray.

Drawing as a form of murder. No, that's much too extreme--but the shape of this guy's head remains beyond me. Same elongation as Pasternak, but here, in a painting from 1925, by Victor Nikolaevich Perelman, the poet has disappeared, to be replaced by an acronymn--rabkor--rabochij korrespondent (worker-correspondent). Knowingness of the structure of the painting--masculine jaw, jutting but not too heavy, wide lips, cigarette in place, at an angle. Eyes cast to the side, thoughtful but clear-minded --"eyes on the ball", we might say...and then the ever so slightly beau brummell hair--Soviet cultural worker as incipient matinee idol. Which bothers me most--an inability to catch all this (congenital?)--or an ongoing impatience with a forced truth--also an impossibility...?

So, Pan Apolek appears alongside, as easy as butter on roll, paint box and cap and well-reinforced German boots...

With Gottfried, his blind garmoshka companion, singing together on the road...

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