Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Analect 2.12x

2 January 2007. Rosy dawn--longs rows of mottled pink cloud over hills to the east...yellow-white of Albany Vets--small fluorescent on dark wall. Last week: Candye Kane--her ample presence. Belting it out, even in the way she held the mic--firm, in one hand, pyramid rings, silver and black, wide smile... voice like old times. Vulnerable, too--standing alongside, weight all on her narrow ankles... Reading Sebald. Time of the Napoleonic Wars--crossing the St. Bernadine into Italy. Antique sketch of gun emplacements--among his fascinations. Receipt from a pizzeria in Verona--the Cadavero brothers. Walled cliffs of Lake Garda--his character, lying on his back in an open boat, staring up at the heavens. Approach to Riva, too. The Hunter Gracchus. A European past...

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