Thursday, June 19, 2008

Analect 2.296x

19 June 2008. Sunny and warm. Jerusalem mornings, heat of the day, already a presence in the dawn air.

Sound of doves. Yonah, the word containing the form--a cooing, a cucurrucucu... Paloma, said under the breathth...

Pedro Infante and his band of musical companions, on a quiet narrow street, in the evening, just below the seƱorita's window, waiting for her to appear. Hidden, then revealed for a moment, then hidden again.

Mansilla, last night, late, on Argentina. "Dios estaba triste como ella, y aunque hasta su tristeza tuviera que ser disimulada, la hora del rescate se acercaba..."

* * *

(God was sad, just as she was, and although even her sadness had to be concealed, the hour of rescue was drawing near...)

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