Monday, June 09, 2008

Analect 2.288x

9 June 2008. Summer morning sun, as if there were no other kind.


Reading Alberto Gerchunoff: Los Gauchos Judios. Immigrants from Podolia, Bessarabia, 1880s, supported by the Baron Maurice de Hirsch, in Paris, who bankrolled the endeavor. First in la Provincia de Santa Fe--Moïseville--then Entre Ríos. An agrarian paradise. Description of a scene at dawn, morning mists still hovering over the fields, everything green and lush. Rebeca, one of the daughters, tanned, with heavy braids, seated outside, milking a cow. Older figures appearing in the doorways--men with beards. On their lips-- "las benediciones de la mañana..."

A red cloth marker set a distance. First coursed furrow with the oxen--los bueyes--then the first return.

Gerchunoff later an editor at La Nación, in Buenos Aires, after the 1920s. These his own memories...

"Estamos con el campo..."

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