Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Analect 2.289x

10 June 2008. Sun shadow on long diagonal across red-gold Corona Extra truck. Girl with red-gold curls, bending forward to unlock bike at busstop pole. Activities.

Earlier: Lee's face, narrower and narrower, eyes straight ahead, gleaming. Shopping cart of perpetual what-nots--neighborhood gleanings.

Immigrant family on a steamer, Buenos Aires 1908. Inmigrantes. Tiny daughter in floppy fur, her mother's face intransigent, hardened. Brother already looking off to the side. Minor curl on father's moustache--marker of youth, under burden of family belongings in nondescript pack, tied with narrow cords, boosted on his shoulder.

One black crow, wings spread wide, slowing slightly as it glides up to land on nearby roof. Lives, old and new...

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