Thursday, February 18, 2010

Analects 2.660x

18 February 2010. Foggy streets, light drizzle... Pine trees half-disappearing in the mist...

A river story-- Grigory Alexandrov's Volga Volga, with Lyubov Orlova, and the band of amateur musicians en route to Moscow to make their mark. Russkiye narodniye pesnyi--songs of the people, here with a Chaplinesque twist (it was on a rowing expedition on San Francisco Bay that Chaplin suggested the title to Alexandrov)...and the film (1938) soon proved to be Stalin's favorite...

And a song from a much older source:

Вниз по Волге-реке,
С Нижня-Новгорода,
Снаряжен стружок,
Как стрела, летит...

* * *

(Down the Volga
From Nizhny Novgorod
A strong river boat
Like an arrow flies...)

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