Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Analect 2.132x

10 July 2007. Two ragged crows, veering over the playground, one leads, the other follows. Mist on the hills, a gray Pendleton blanket, raw wool of a neutral shade, alloyed... Lands of the Umayyads, from the Indus to the Pyrenees... early settlements in Hispania--Berber warriors, a Syrian king...they intermarried, soon enough--Roman remnants, gypsies, Visigoths...children with pale skin and blue eyes, their mothers from the north, recently converted...wholehearted, that is...the Ornament of the World, so said Hroswitha, a nun in Saxony--her description, from the tales of the ambassador of AlAndalus... Or so the story's told--a time of tolerance, a delight in all the facets of the world, where openness finds a home...the crescent and the wavy line...

"Se toma una esfera celeste, tan grande como se quiera..."

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