Thursday, July 12, 2007

Analect 2.134x

12 July 2007. So, off we go--rolling clouds over mansard roof, blocky yellow school bus with back up lights showing, now the sound, too--that particular mindless regular beep, warning of nothing and everything all at once. A city bus chimes in--higher pitch, faster rhythm--but very much the same idea. Telegraphic messages to the cosmos--to other machines, perhaps, for only they would understand... Princess N visits yesterday, the lady in the crocodile--striking close to home, as we review the harvest. She teaches me a new word: zögern, from Rilke, I think--he used it in a poem... The dictionary is no help: to pause, to hesitate, to lag, to tarry--procrastinate, even--to demur. Falter, indecision--all the words that find that spot precisely in between intention and effect--where we're most human--a place of dream--how did she put it, yes, the wavery line...

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