Monday, July 16, 2007

Analect 2.136x

16 July 2007. Gray morning, mansard roof across the way, intermittent puffs of white disappearing against a luminous sky. But let's not overdo it here--we're talking dry cleaning establishment, after all, and the humble 7-eleven. Humble, why not. Like the cockle shell of St. James--coquilles St. Jacques--emblem of pilgrims along the entire route. Worn on the sleeve or carried, sometimes, as in the standing figure from Rothenburg, carved of wood, one leg stretched forward from under a long garment, a small water flask at the belt, staff in one hand, and in the other--a cockle shell. "Go forth with your palms upward," he said to Kristi--a pilgrim also, of her very own faith. And what is faith, after all, but something our very own...

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