Friday, July 13, 2007

Analect 2.135x

13 July 2007. Expanse of blue sky, end to end, a Greek island morning--Aegeo--soft sound of water lapping at the edges of the quay. A single figure, dressed in a suit, sitting at a small table right there by the sea. He's reading--a paper, it seems--something from Athens, Piraeus, Marseilles. Morning light--you can tell by the shadows, the freshness of the water, the translucence... A beginning, quiet, open-ended...

Jamaican man, also by the sea, sitting on the sand. He knows he's being filmed--looking right into the camera, wry smile, intent on telling. Of middle years, teeth no longer whole... He holds out a tape cassette, at arm's length. "I will sing it for you, a cappella..."

"The stone which the builders rejected...," but in his own patois. "Even ma'asu ha-bonim..."

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