Friday, May 09, 2008

Analect 2.269x

9 May 2008. Pale sky, pale sun, cold wind off the bay. Javed careening out of 7-eleven lot on handles-up bicycle, oversized earphones in place. Beethoven? The Upanishads? Dr. Israr Ahmed's complete tafseer (in Urdu) of the Holy Qur'an. Possibilities.

Wind in branches of the birch tree, late at night, ends brushing against upstairs glass. Stories, doubts, more stories. Robert, Gabryela, Moshe in Amsterdam. A glass of Jack Daniels. The 'Snoga, Nieuwe Kerkstraat Shul... het Plantage. White birds on placid dark waters. The Nieuwe Prinsengracht, Zwanenburgwal. Meanings of names, their resonance. Amsterdam tower: the Oude Schans. Stonework and brick from the time of Brueghel, smokey shapes disappearing in the mist. Low clouds from the sea, rushing over rooftops, rushing over...

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