Friday, May 30, 2008

Analect 2.282x

30 May 2008. Gray to gray. The neighbors' house, empty--dark shrubbery surround, single porchlight announces... absence. Image in dream--a farewell.

Rose Ader in her role as Mimi. Later--in a photograph, sitting somewhere outside--Trieste, Palermo--with Puccini. Dark stockings, worn shoes, undarned. History's fist...

"...we lived in Palermo through the war, until 1948, when I decided to go to Argentina. My mother, being separated from my father, followed me there some months later and concertized and taught until 1955..."

"With a voice of exceptional beauty, one would have hoped for more than two sides to have been released. Those two arias from La Bohème are supplemented with unissued Parlophone titles, test pressings and a few late broadcast recordings..."

The port of Buenos Aires, docks and piers, constructed by the British. River Plate. An alternative to the Spanish Empire in Peru. Mercantilism, how-to, railroads to the south and the west, loads of cattle and grain...

"Si, mi chiamano Mimi..."

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