Friday, May 16, 2008

Analect 2.273x

16 May 2008. Golden light on gold-green hedge. Topiary tonsure. Lee's face at glass, engaging crooked smile in wide-brimmed straw hat--the morning's gleanings, bottles and bags from neighborly bins--up and down the avenue with her Safeway pushcart, refuse sample...heightened repair. Now in front: a limping trashman with big white truck. Lee's professional double, mauve rag on the scooper lever, exclamation point--danger, clean city program hotline, rolling off into morning light. Quiet returns.

Hum of machine, just behind. Curiously silent Larry. Don't push him.

Original peoples. John Berger's claim: that America lacks a peasant class. French country folk, as in Pig Earth. Lucie Cabrol. Having lived on that land "forever." The slaughter scene--early winter. Meat and fat for a season's wheel. Necessity leads to art. Expression of attachment--love, continuity, tenderness, compassion. All of these...

Leonard Peltier--his prison letters...

Al justo aquel por piadoso y sincero
La humanidad lo clavó de un madero
No quiero ser res para ese matadero
Al justo aquel por piadoso y sincero...

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