Thursday, May 22, 2008

Analect 2.277x

21 May 2008. Dark green Tacoma, tight against curb. Morning sun. Blue shadows on an empty street, occasional voices: "Thank you so much." Rustle and rumble of copier, Greg's face, vacant for a moment, staring into the distance...

How it always began. La familia Torricelliano, Buenos Aires, sometime before the First World War. "Esa sencilla historia..." A village in Calabria, olive groves, rooted stone. Vineyard and wine press--torqued metal disk on canted barrel, angled staves, bolts and gears, set against the fine return.

Abandoned. Spume. Atlantic crossing on an English steamer, below decks, bundles of clothes, bedding, shoes, tied in heavy black cloth. Farm implements, seeds--a scattering... La Choza, Lujan, Gral. Rodriguez... Melchor Romero, Alejandro Korn. San Vicento.

Then: Avelleneda, a single room. The Riachuelo.

Gold-green waters, al amanecer...

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