Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Analect 2.542x

28 July 2009. Gray morning, hints of sun to the south, then gone. Puffy truck across the street--also gray--with achingly luminous tail light housings, tinted glass. Labor's revisionists.

As with Eva Perón--who's words stand out as a kind of heroic madness--engaging the emotions, always, but finally, towards what end? ("Yo quiero la selva y la incógnita...") And yet, her face...

Abel Fleury, Estilo pampeana--song of the llanura--the open plains.

Botas de potro...

* * *

(Note: Eva Perón-- "I love the jungle, and the unknown..."
Botas de potro: leggings made directly from horsehide, partially covering the foot .)

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