Monday, July 13, 2009

Analect 2.530x

13 July 2009. Sunny window, Norris and Charles at work--backs and forths, notes on the day... Impromptu analytique of Dorris Day, Judy Garland, Greg providing the requisite youtube standoff. Bit of film track--sound of an entire era--an eager and somewhat complacent optimism... Reassuring as well, the sound of mild tears...violins...

Dusty road somewhere in the northeast corner of Santiago del Estero. Monte Quemado--the burned mountain. El Hachero, figure of a woodcutter, an over-sized eulogy in roughly-formed concrete, scarf and sash of a campesino, sideburns and brow overdrawn. Clearest feature--veins on the arms as he grasps the axe. Los brazos...

Yesterday: Nostalgias cuyanas. Corazones Amantes, a zamba, recorded by Ruiz Gallo and Perez Cardozo...

Yo te quiero morena
con alma y vida, con alma y vida
solo con tus caricias
podré curar mi alma herida

* * *

I love thee, my dark one
with my soul and my life, my soul and life
only your caresses
will heal my wounded spirit

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