Monday, July 20, 2009

Analect 2.535x

20 July 2009. Gray dawn. Natasha eager to come in, Nicola eager to go out. There we have it--the tides, the seasons, the three-minute egg.

Playing songs in morning light. Corrazones Amantes. And Nostalgias Santiagueñas, from Adolfo Abalos--ripply arpeggio against a solid but understated strum. Never emphasize the first beat, he writes--and then does so precisely. Tides and seasons.

Story from Polo Giménez, in Este Lado del Recuerdo (This Side of Memory)--always with a certain lively drollness, mixed with the most unabashed emotions--for the songs, the land (Paisaje de Catamarca), for his mother (Del tiempo i'mama)...and of course for all of his friends...

Hotel du Midi, que vive todavía...

* * *

(The pianist here is Ariel Ramírez, noted composer of Misa Criolla, and an admired friend of Polo Giménez. Polo's own recordings seem to be available only on record. In the second video, we have an impromtu dining room duo with Marco Cardenas y Galo Jurado--fresh from YouTube. The drawing shows Polo Giménez, with Jorge Cafrune alongside...)

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