Thursday, April 05, 2007

Analect 2.73x

5 April 2007. Also gray, warm tones in the sky. Single side-burned figure, leaning over the top of older black Porsche, newspaper spread out on the roof...cigarette, sleeveless sweatshirt. Morning ritual. George, across the street, even earlier--his smile. "Bon giorno." Another smile. Tiny holiday lights in window of darkened pool. No hint of occupancy. Girl at the desk: "I like it this way."

"When did you first come to Berkeley?" Sitting on 9th floor of Wurster with Forrest, Robbie and Dan. Bare review room, gray walls, covered in some smooth, non-descript fabric. Narrow skylights at each end. Late afternoon. That kind of day. Robbie's drawings of Birmingham. "Memory sheds" he calls them--lines merging into tonal areas, then into prints from old photographs, cut away to reveal the incompleteness of the view--any view--tiny figures here and there, included as part of a possible story, like the drifting touches of white--late-winter snow on the Rockies from 35,000 feet--my association--no, the roofs of cars in moonlight...

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