Monday, April 16, 2007

Analect 2.81x

16 April 2007. Sunlight through upstairs window, soft on camphors and plum. Wild spread of branches arching over what was once a garden path...squirrel or two dashing along fence top plank--autostrada to the back yard. Alisia's face, bending to open the blue van, her dark hair surrounding a smile... Last night: Edward P. Smith, black Virginia in the 1850s... Lives intertwined--each person's worth, a kind of absolute, measured against kindness, intelligence, good sense... To make the best of what's possible--and to dream of change. To make one's way down a road, perhaps, live under another sky. A kind of hunger. Elias and the young boy who brings him water. Blue tin cup with chipped edge, once then again. "He loved him as much as he had ever been able to love another human being." Redemption. Also: the memory of his mother, decades in the past. A large ship, dark brown, sunny sky, gone...

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