Thursday, April 19, 2007

Analect 2.84x

19 April 2007. Gray sky, rain impending. That kind of morning, everyone feels it. "We're due for a storm," neighbor's's pronouncement. Mallard talk on some ancient lake, collusion. He's holding a box with bottles in it--not really paying attention, but now they come to mind. Different sizes and colors--an in-between state. Green, brown... Girl with dark lab, a teen-ager, pained expression. "Is your dog friendly?" as Alyosha makes his way slowly up the sidewalk. Is the world friendly. Po Chü-i thought so, writing his words on the face of a cliff, or settling into a second small cup of afternoon wine... Pines to the east, bamboo to the west. Incense Brazier Peak. The world animated, shared. It all happens...

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