Thursday, August 13, 2009

Analect 2.553x

13 August 2009. Golden sky, cool blue green pool. Lithe figure next door, tiny red toes...

Atilio Reynoso--a triunfo (my transcription in progress):

Mi caballo atado
alla relinchando, 'lla relinchando
Dejelo que relinche
yo estoy cansando, yo estoy cansando...

Este es el triunfo, triunfo
de las mujeres, de las mujeres
Que bonito lo vayan
cuando ellas quieren, cuando ellas quieren...

Una gallina vaya
y un gallo vero
Son las primeras etapas
de un pueblo nuevo...

Este es el triunfo, triunfo
cantar de mi alma, cantar de mi alma
Hacia más dulce la muerte
que la vida amarga...

* * *

My horse is tied up
neighing and neighing
So let him neigh,
I'm resting...

This the triunfo, the triunfo
about all women, about the women
How nicely it goes
when they wish it, when they wish it...

A chicken makes her way
and a real rooster
They're the first steps
towards a new pueblo...

This is a triunfo, a triunfo
the song of my soul, the song of my soul
where death becomes more sweet
than this bitter life...

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