Monday, August 24, 2009

Analect 2.560x

24 August 2009. Cloudy gray, with hint of sun, early fall. Grizzled man in soft orange ski cap, heavy work clothes, clear wrap-around shades, his gloved hand on diagonal truck lever--raising and lowering the toter cans. Humanizing a landscape of industry, if only for an instant...

Then--sudden sound of crash--heads turn up and down the street. A dark American behemoth with silver grill backs full-force into waiting guard rail of the old Navigator Escrow building. An unintentional attack on capitalism at its very root...

People gather, watch, silent, arms at their sides...

Political theory of the pampas. A chestnut colored mare--yegua--muscles taut, coat distinct, racing ahead. Exhilaration of unboundedness.

"...entre los camalotes de la corriente zaina..."

* * *

("...amidst the floating camalote roots of a horse-brown current..., " Jorge Luís Borges, La Fundación Mítica de Buenos Aires)

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