Friday, August 14, 2009

Analect.2 554x

14 August 2009. Late summer, cool morning. Pool girl in ski cap girl slides open office window, smiling. Three swimmers, under water, chests up, fins, dolphin surge...

Insistent and unexpected... A milonga campera, played en homenaje... Family photos in faded black and white--a little girl and her father together on a bike, she sits just in front, between his arms. Group of figures in front of a truck, leaning back on the hood, arms akimbo, their sons piled on just behind. A trio of men, standing straight, before heavy burlap bags of Argentine wheat, stacked high over their heads...

"...a vos Viejo, que hace 7 años te fuiste para el silencio, pero tus consejos son palabras que orientan mi vida a cada día. Te mando esta canción que siempre cantabas y tocabas tan lindo, 'Gracias Benjamín Buisi por haber sido mi Papá.' "

* * *

" you, Viejo (old man, always said with a combination of respect, endearment and just a touch of the younger man's need to challenge) it's now 7 years since you left for the Silence, but each day your words of advice continue to orient my life. I send you this song, the one that you used to sing and play so nicely. 'Thank you Benjamin Buisi for having been my father.' "

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