Friday, March 02, 2007

Analect 2.54x

2 March 2007. Sun-filled morning, blue clear sky. "No day but today"--hand-painted sign on back of sizeable roll-door truck--a dull orange and muted red--like something out of the Upanishads. Ancient stories, told and then retold again. As with the songs: Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight. She must undress--but will he not turn around...she seizes him by the waist, casts him into the sea. Two figures on a shore--joined by a story, their own, of course. Bird as witness, messenger, judge. Parrot in a golden cage--price of her freedom?

Jet zooming across the sky, dipping under one faint cirrus cloud...gleam of sunlight on white street lamp orb...secondary illumination. The words appear, disappear--like small stones, moving from one to the next. Pebbles in a river--a rosary. Buddhist beads...ochre and red...

"I thought of you, too..."

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