Friday, March 16, 2007

Analect 2.62x

14 March 2007.

On the Wring Side of Solano

On the Wrong Side of Solano
we're goin' from door to door
There's an ancient troop of gypsies
And prophecies galore

They'll tell you of the future
All you'd ever want to know
On the Wrong side of Solano
The seagull and the Crow

Jim's phrase, from yesterday morning. Inevitable point of departure--like the stories of Harlan Howard at the Sunset Grill in Nashville-- "three chords and the truth..." All of them, sitting at one of the tables or at the bar, a phrase overheard--someone gets it down on the back of a napkin... "Heartaches by the Number," among others. Or, when he was still driving a forklift in LA, "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down." Not so lyrical, of course. More a kind of bourbon-tinged irony. Old-style Camels. But what the hey. You go with what you're given...

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