Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Analect 2.66x

21 March 2007. Morning light. Rain pools on sun green grass--walking through in sandals. Last night's storm. How to understand. The Appaloosa, for instance. Brown forequarters, then white. Degas rider--lithe, small head--indistinct, as if the horse were all. Budyonny's men--Cossacks from the Kuban--described by Isaac Babel. Letopis. His "differentness." Talmud and French liqueur--literature, that is. De Maupassant. Anything to get beyond Odessa--those thousand steps, down to a colorless sea. The Moldovanka--Benya Krik, "poltora zhid," the Jew-and-a-half... "Terse, astringent, lyrical." Moon over the Brzuch--their fate.

"One shy star..."

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