Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Analects 2.61x

13 March 2007. Golden morning light. Tiny brown and white puppy appears in front of window, red leash--then gone down the street, anorak woman in tow, multiple wry grimace--in her own world. Sunlight falling gently across entire back end of Coca Cola truck--nosed into the 7-eleven. Red and white swirl, all on the diagonal. Stubby Marathon van zips past--also white, but worn in--color used...   Beuys again. That image from RenĂ©e Block--with cape and shepherd's crook. Nicholas recalls his arrival "...in an ambulance on the Van Wyck Expressway."   Mississippi Sheiks: "World Gone Wrong." From 1920-something. Also prescient. Dylan, too--another turn of the screw. And yet--the great marshland, open water, stands of reed...pampas grass, coriander...   Casmerodius albus...

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