Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Analect 2.65x

20 March 2007, Tuesday. Rainy morning. Mist rising from milky blue-green pool... A few lone swimmers, orange cap. Woman with black umbrella, upright, burnished lipstick, dark dark red. Waiting for the bus. San Francisco and points beyond. P&O Orient--full page ads in Horizon magazine--1957. Fiji, Manila, Hong Kong. Causeway Bay and Sheung-wan. The warren of market stalls, one after the next--open sacks, spice and root. Tiny dried fish by the thousand, shape of ancient sea horse--to what end? Ginseng, black tea...aromas, darkened corners... Last night: story of Orpheus--the descent. Eurydice. Where has she gone. Oh but he knows. Refashioned as a song... "And tonight she sleeps on the cold cold ground, in the arms of Gypsy Davey..." Un embrazo muy fuerte...

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