Thursday, June 07, 2007

Analect 2.108x

31 May 2007. Tossing gray skies--light clouds moving across. The cleaning man in rose-gray short-sleeved uniform shirt, walking his old brown lab. Scruffy Mustang in 7-eleven lot--graffiti all over the hood. Zampano e' arrivato. The scenes from La Strada--Nino Rota's theme--cymbals and drums, Gelsomina with her trumpet. Anthony Quinn--chains across his chest, pulled wide to the max--they break, and he is free... Must all end in tragedy? Machine guns and sea walls--our best knowledge and hope. Tsvetaeva on the Kama--no end. "I do not know."

"For water clarifies the spirit, no less than a perfect friend." And music is all...

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