Thursday, June 28, 2007

Analect 2.127x

29 June 2007. Sun, and a preternatural blue sky. "It's too blue," Harvey Stahl once said, having moved out from New York, as he surveyed the panorama of the campus from his Doe Library rooftop alcove... But today, it's still blue, even with tracey whisps of cloud over the 7-eleven shingles. An American invention, where good fortune produces wealth. Roll of the dice, South Lake Tahoe, the gambling's on the other side...

Leigh and Jeremy, from far across the street. Each one animated in his/her own particular way. Newer model car, pulled in just alongside, sleek and nondescript. Minutes before: Javed, on his bicycle, careening out of the parking lot, head down Solano, cloudy expression. After working all night. But he looks up, waves good morning, "Hello, are YOU...?"

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