Friday, June 15, 2007

Analect 2.117x

15 June 2007. Warm again...even in the morning. Leigh's face just outside the window, pushing back a strand of graying hair. Her shopping cart--the neighborhood's excess, gathered, like a miner, working a vein...vegetable and mineral, bottles and cans, piles of newsprint, rags, god knows what, an inverted world, wheeled slowly up the street.

Set free a bird. Searching last night--Peterson's Guide to the Western States. Which one? The oriole--too bright. Spotted Towhee--Freya's guess--but no white front. Black-headed Grosbeak--also Freya--but needs the collar. The right creature on Plate 48--same page as the robin... A Varied Thrush...?

Oregon forests late in the fall, mushrooms everywhere, pushing up through the damp ground. Each one distinct, never quite matching the examples in the book. As if planned that way--to fall in between. Always their own...

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