Monday, June 18, 2007

Analecty 2.118x

18 June 2007. Bright Monday, cool bay wind. Colombo bread van pulled in at an angle, 7-eleven lot. Odd green and lemon-yellow strip on white field, image of loaf and roll. Kurt Schwitters on the dunes at Scheveningen...the Ursonate--a poem made up only of sound...

dll rrrrr beeee bo,
dll rrrrr beeee bo fumms bo,
rrrrr beeeee bo fumms bo wo taa

and so on and so forth, as Uncle Jimmy used to say. The coast of Holland, yes, and points east...a wedding, perhaps. Two rustic figures appear, arrived from the country-side--bast shoes, heavy coats. A peasant dress with light-colored apron, fleur-de-lys on the Russian front--weave of tiny violets... Carrying a basket of fruit, lemon, fig, olive--just the beginnings, just the beginnings...

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