Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Analect 2.47x

21 February. Sunny morning, scattered clouds.
A Woody Guthrie and (much extended) family list:

Woody Guthrie
Almanac Singers
Moe Asch
Asch Records
Folkways Records
Stinson Records
Pete Seeger
Sonny Terry
Brownie McGhee
Cisco Houston
Bess Hawes
Josh White

Will Greer
Golden Gate Quartet

Frank Proffitt
Doc Boggs
Jean Ritchie
Ewan McColl (Britain)

John Lomax
Alan Lomax
Ruth Crawford Seeger
Pete Seeger
Mike Seeger

Harold Leventhal
Irwin Silber (later)
Max Gordon (The Village Vanguard)

The Weavers
Fred Hellerman
Millard Lampell
Lee Hayes
Pete Seeger
Ronnie Gilbert

Blind Lemon Jefferson
Robert Johnson
many many others

Paul Robeson
Marian Anderson

Burl Ives
Jean Ritchie
Aunt Molly Jackson
Oscar Brand
Richard Dyer Bennett

Carl Sandburg
Thomas Hart Benton
Erskine Caldwell
John Steinbeck
Grapes of Wrath
Ben Shahn
Walker Evans
Dorothea Lange

John Lomax
Alan Lomax
Ruth Crawford Seeger
Pete Seeger

Little Red Songbook
Joe Hill
Communist Party
Harry Bridges
"I'm not a communist, but all my life I've been in the red..." Woody Guthrie

The Great Depression
Dust Bowl
FDR (Roosevelt)
Eleanor Roosevelt

Jim Crow
Civil Rights

Bound for Glory (This Train)
Dust Bowl Ballads
Talkin Dustbowl Blues
Tom Joad

Folkways Records--early recoding sessions with Moe Asch
Lonesome Road Blues
Goin' Down that Lonesome Road
Goin' Down that Dusty Ol' Road
So Long It'S Been Good to Know Yuh (Dusty Old Dust)

I Ride an Old Paint
Barbara Allen

Country Music
The Carter Family
Jimmy Rodgers
Roy Acuff
Grand Ole Opry
Uncle Dave Mason
Clarence Ashley
Ralph Stanley
Ernest Tubbs

Aaron Copland
Carl Sandburg

Woody Guthrie: Bound for Glory (Intro by Studs Terkel)
Joe Klein: Woody Guthrie: A Life

Apologies for this cascade of names. Think of it as the beginnings of a self-guided tour.
A beehive, a web of meaning...

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