Thursday, February 01, 2007

Analect 2.34x

1 February 2007. Pearl gray trailing clouds. Blond woman with bangs, muted cerulean coat--crustacean--striding up Solano, narrow black circular cord in her left hand, fingers tight... Another walker, more loping gate, her arms swinging back and forth with an unpredictable grace. Dawidoff on Doc Watson--Arthel his given name. Blind before he was a year old--something of a memory of the moon. But a life fully lived, down to choosing a dress for his beloved--by feel. Clarity of sound--as if he were chosen. So seemingly straightforward. So straightforward, period. "Like doing carpentry or fixing a car...," both within his grasp. But more than that, too, of course. How to feel the song. "...a large heart behind the words..."


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