Sunday, February 11, 2007

Analect 2.40x

9 February 2007. Rain and gray. Yellow light under overhanging eve of Navigator Escrow...captain's wheel on curved-top sign... Figures in slickers and umbrellas, faces inward. Painting room yesterday--also rain. Deborah's black and white Longhi print, her tentative chipboard version right alongside. Sanaa--doing Corot. The view through Roman aqueduct arches--1820 something--just as vital right now. We recognize a touch of lighter tan--unexpected--under one of the overhanging curves. Another navigator. Ryan's murky Los Angeles--views into the distance. Hint of mountains, city interspersed...beginnings of something strong--heroic, even--despite the anomie. Lydia--her Prussian blue--now with a kind of brownish-pink in with the white--hooded figure. "Every Russian woman..." She expects me to know. Ivan Grozny, Kazan'--the defection of Prince Kurbsky to the Polish side... Anthony and Nathaniel, drop-cloth desks--anchoring the corners...

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