Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Analect 2.50x

26 February 2007. Gray mauve sky at dawn, light rain. Girl on dark bike, pale yellow slicker, darting past, down the hill. Across the way, 7-eleven lot--two bright brake lights on back of small truck--earthen green--man slipping on his boots... Gypsy days, gypsy Davey. The figure behind the song. A strong man in biker gear--sleeveless tee--Zampano--or, a shadowy figure, prominent and hidden all at once, that part of the self no one sees--everywhere revealed. A caravan, moving along a country road. Winter trees, one small fire--all of them gathered there, two on narrow wagon steps, others hunched slightly against the rain. Sound of some instrument--faint in the mist, simple line of a song. Budapest, Varna, Trieste--Almería, la Camargue. White horse in an empty field. The wind and the rain...

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